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About Me

I discovered Crystals during my Reiki Practitioner Certification. I became fascinated with them while learning about their energy and healing properties, and I was in complete wonderment with their earthy unique beauty.

Thereafter, I starting using Healing Crystals, in my Reiki Healing Sessions, to balance  chakras, pain and stress relief, Crystal Grids, added as Home Decor, protection layouts, and I wear Healing Crystal Jewelry every day.

When my daughter moved to Florida to live with me, I noticed her wearing a Carnelian Crystal Necklace. Thereby, I brought out my Collection of Crystals to show her and she instantly became very excited. To my surprise, moments later she brought out her Collection of Crystals. It made me extremely happy to discover we have this wonderful spiritual energy and the energies of Crystals in common.

Marissa Christina

Unfortunately, my daughter passed away in a tragic automobile accident on February 4, 2017, at the young age of twenty. I have been through many difficult times in my life, but never have I felt such an overwhelming heartache as I have with the passing of my daughter. While, I am blessed for my family and friends support through this difficult time. I am thankful and grateful I have my Healing Crystals, which has helped me stay balanced, focus, and grounded.

Therefore, the picture you see here is a picture of my daughter Marissa Christina, she is wearing a Heart Rose Quartz Pendant. The company’s name Narnabithia, I got from my daughter before her passing. This website, all the metaphysical supplies offer here is dedicated to the loving memory of my beloved, beautiful daughter Marissa Christina.

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